I'm the one without a soul
I'm the one with this big fucking hole
No new tale to tell
Twenty-six years on my way to hell
Gotta listen to your big time, hard line, bad luck
Fist fuck
Don't think you're having all the fun
You know me I hate everyone
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Making me think of
Your dark lips
And eyelashes

But about that
That’s not even the sad part
I didn’t because I know
I know you can’t hurt me enough
Or good enough
As she did
And you’ll just leave me feeling..
Well missing her, missing her for the wrong reasons.

I couldn’t believe you fell asleep
I would be awake for days if I did that to someone
Before I left I wanted to wake you
And ask ya to hurt me some more

I told you a part of me who I am
And you can’t take that back
What you said
What I said
I’m stuck now living out my word

Did I try so hard to find a friend
Or am I still trying to destroy myself

it felt like we could see past our costumes

years of masks

wear and tear

back to some beginning..

projecting to the future

and we liked what we saw

i hate how it feels rehearsed

like you know what to do

you knew what you will do

and when i had asked you how it ends

you shrugged it off and pretended like you didnt know

god it feels like shit

you had your summer fun

you know what i wanted in the winter

you knew

yet gave me none